a transdisciplinary researcher, artist, designer.
Working with food, taste, nurture, images, design, text, cultures, fermentation, anthropology, language, philosophy, lands and soils — in a simple, embodied way.





Ongoing research at the Jan Van Eyck Post-Academie (NL) and on the ZAD de Notre-Dame- Des-Landes (FR).
Series of experimental works questionning the concept of -eco (from ancient Greek Oïkos: household) and the notion of -scope (show, scene).
The various outcomes are intended to subvert the values and uses of institutional culture, and to replace them with those of daily life on places of territorial struggles, in order to suggest new, embodied ontologies.

Here is a reader gathering several texts linked to this research.
Here is a .pdf version of the publication distributed at the Jan Van Eyck Post-Academie during their Open Studios.

Collaborative workshops, lightweight dwellings, live-in van and diary, modular furniture, landscaping designs, essay, ritual actions, lecture
Maastricht, Pays-Bas (NL) / Notre-Dame-Des-Landes (FR)
2021 - ongoing



Is it still possible to find nurture in the American landscape?

Documentation of conflicting anthropological and permacultural trips in the US. Vignettes, pictures, essay, about the Western (broken, extractive) nurture system. Soon, a book.

Digital photography, written vignettes, essay
NY, CT, MA, FL, TX, NM, AZ, NV, MN States (US)



Two days of free community workshops to taste, cook, write, in collaboration with Field Experience, Miriam Karraker and Maison Bodega.

The events included a distibution of a Recipe Invitation for lacto-fermented vegetal matter and of Microworlds, a correspondence-based poem, printed as a riso-zine.

Fermented foods, workshops, prints
Minneapolis, MN (US)



A work embedded in milk culture(s), diversity, flora, and simple human action, created in residency at NAH_R, in the Orobic Alps (Italy), for their 2019 research program: Grasses & pastures, imagining a regenerative economy of cheese.

Milk from the Val Taleggio, turned into cheeses infused with flowers from meadows —directly in the studio, with the help of various ancient milk cultures. 

At the end of the residency period, those edible artifacts were displayed as a performative installation, along with some home-cultured breads. They were tasted and shared with the community, in order for milk, flowers and bacterias to infuse within the people of this land.

The process of the Always the World project was based on community and circular economy. The tasting that took place in the village was a striking illustration of honnest food tightening bonds between people.

Always the world (cheesy title purposingly meant so) also is an essay and experimental trans-disciplinary publication about food, pastoralism, eating flowers and agency.

Chesses, breads, digital photography, performative installation, artist book
Sottochiesa, Val Taleggio (IT)



Teaching fermentation means teaching about transformation and culture. It is a way to reskill people and to talk about agency. Through this practice, I am advocating for an artful life and bringing hands-on experiences to a great varieties of local communities, in a cultural and safe context.

The Micromondes fermentation worksop series is a form of community work. Various workshops were given in Reykjavík in November 2019, in partnership with the local Alliance Française and the French Embassy in Iceland, for their Culinary Residency. Vistied places included the Landakot International School, the Kopavogur Culinary School, the Matís Food-safety Labs, and the French Diplomatic Circle.

Teachings included discussions with schoolkids and teachers, drawing sessions, edicational prints and food tastings. Here are some images of a lactofermentation workshop at Matís Lab, a kids’ tasting and drawing workshop about friendly bacteria and results from a cultured butter workshop.

Fermented foods, workshops, prints,
Reykjavík (IS)



diverse, curious, nurturing, sharing, making and learning altogether.

Micromondes - Tatsing and drawing workshop - Reykjavík (IS), 2019

Always the world - Fermented milks, community tasting - Sottochiesa (IT), 2019



multi-layered experiences, performed by the public just as much as by the designer.

Always the world - Fermented milks with local herbs, community tasting - Sottochiesa (IT), 2019

Micromondes - Lactofermentation workshop for Matís Lab - Reykjavík (IS), 2019


a way to be in the world —rather than a capture, a synchronized caress.

Life, untitled - Digital photography - Worldwide, 2015-∞ 



a space to nurture others and oneself. Might also turn into the ideal studio practice: one that mixes aesthetics with ethics.

‘Big Brown Badass’, 7 Courses Dinner at the Jan Van Eyck Academie, in collaboration with fellow participants Daniel Frota de Abreu and Alena Koleso. - Maastricht (NL), 2022

Research documentation images, gathered while working in the kitchen of an Edible Forest Garden Restaurant: endemic edible wild plants, experiments with textures, shapes and waste reduction. - Berlin (DE), 2018-2019

Micromondes - Heirloom-cultured cheeses workshop, for the students of the Kopavigur Hopitality and Culinary School of Iceland - Reykjavík (IS)), 2019



— they can feel, stroke and tickle. They can also draw on screen, since they are the basic units of the digital world.

Digital drawings on photography - Berlin (DE), 2017-2018



hands on; a daily practice.

Vegetal food, garden-to-table and edible flowers research, digital photography - Lyon (FR), 2020


Embodied knowledge comes from movement, experience and senses. It is different from any other kind of learning. It goes deep through materials and, whoop, right under our skin. Making is a very good way of understanding, which goes far beyond rationality and conscious minds.

Always the world - Raw milk turning into cheese in the studio - Sottochiesa (IT) 2019



I made this pun one day, and then I thought: wait, this is quite on point.

Care demands much more than softness and sweet attentions.
Care is about putting brains, guts and heart on the same level, and into any, any type of action.

Life, untitled - Digital photography - Berlin (DE), 2018


Lands don’t care about their -scape. —Their visual quality, curated and controlled to please the human eye.
Lands appeal to all senses. They are not an image, they are constatntly moving. Putting any (necessarily ephemeral) mark on (within) them sohuld only be considered as an interaction that will keep on expanding.

Life, untitled - Digital photography - Reykjavík (IS), 2019


Fermentation can be a metaphor for creation in a world of constant change. As makers, we should embrace the vitality that can be found in any transformative process, including those we perceive as decay.

Find the whole paper in the #3 issue of Where The Leaves Fall, and on their Instagram page.

Fermentation Forces - Essay and illustation, Where The Leaves Fall - London, 2020



Born in Paris, 1989.
Studied fine arts, engraving, publishing, design, fashion and environment.
Previously worked as a fine arts printer and as a fashion stylist.

For all enquieries, please get in touch here.



12/2021: Participants presentation at the Jan Van Eyck Academie. Watch here.
12/2020: Essay ‘Towards Feeling’ published in Fictionnal Journal #4. Read here.
09/2020: Intwerview by The Preserve Journal for the Perspective Series. Read here.