Anaïs Hazo,

a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working with life, food, taste, images, design, nature, anthropology, language and philosophy —but, like, in a simple way.






experiences, performed by the public as much as by the designer.

Always the world, Sottochiesa, Val Taleggio, Italy 2019
For NAH_R19: Grasses & pastures, imagining a regenerative economy of cheese

A work embedded in milk culture(s), diversity, flora, and simple human action.

Been collecting milk from the valley, and turning it into cheeses, directly in the studio, with the help of various ancient milk cultures. Those cheeses were infused with the flora of the region. They contained flowers and vegetal extracts collected in the Val Taleggio.

At the end of the residency period, those edible artifacts were displayed as a performative installation, along with some home-cultured breads. They were tasted and shared with the community, so milk, flowers and bacterias could infuse within the people.

Always the world (cheesy title purposingly designed so) also is an essay and experimental trans-disciplinary publication about food, pastoralism, eating flowers and agency. You can download a digital reading version here, and watch a little video about it here.


Fermented dinner n°1, (photographic documentation) Paris, 2019

First performance of an ongoing dinner experience series. Handmade from raw ingredients, fermented. Each element of the feast carries the environment(s) it comes from —and now, with. Eating directly on breads, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

Photographic documentation by Elliott Fredouelle and Juliette Gelli.


Perennial Institute opening cocktail, Berlin, 2018

Research into the German summer local vegetal specialities and edible flowers for a cockatil served on the opening evening of the Perennial Institute at the Floating University, Berlin. With a focus on seasonal flowers, and in collaboration with Julka Almquist.


Crisps feast and such
Sound recordings and ink on paper, Berlin, 2017

Sound from 15 moments of intimate and simple life in an artist studio, played alongside with a written triptyque, in the bathroom of the gallery during Neues Dasein, a 48 Stunden Neukölln group show.

Listen to sound extracts by browsing there, or just download one.