Anaïs Hazo,

a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working with life, food, taste, images, design, nature, anthropology, language and philosophy —but, like, in a simple way.






The real world moves me so deeply sometimes. There is a sort of trance, when all the elements of something bigger happen to be perfectly arranged, the ensemble being all so smart, meaningful, and yet put together in such a simple way.

I believe in the concept of justesse; that genuine feeling when everything falls into place. This magic always makes me wonder: do things matter more for their symbolic meaning, or rather for their realness? In art making, I question our materialist selves and look for ways to combine those two sides of reality —semantic and physical. And, if I know one single tiny thing, then, it’s also all things; for, what I know is that: all things matter, pun intended.

When I truly take a look, I always see something happening; a movement, a manifestation, some kind of outspoken presence. This is already worth loads, and there is no need to be grand to be immense.

I like small, I like genuine. I use my medias and my mediums as documents, and vice-versa; for I consider the document itself as a piece of art. —To me, everything is a piece of art, really. I got to feel like it was both my curse and enchantment: trying to avoid cheesy and messy, but sure being in conversation with both.

Doing so, nature and food have become my vocabulary of choice. Food, as I see it, is all that goes through bodies, in any way. Nature, is life in all its forms. Together, they create nourishment. Nourishment has a lot to tell us; it whispers to the ears of all: « the world is a symbiosis, and in a symbiosis, everything matters, please pay attention. Be present. Be alive. » I work with, and for life; I handle matter. A big part of that matter is beings. Little presences, pixels or microbes, getting transcribed, brought to the senses —through a vibrant journey.