a transdisciplinary researcher, artist, designer.
Working with food, taste, nurture, images, design, text, cultures, fermentation, anthropology, language, philosophy, lands and soils — in a simple, embodied way.





A work embedded in milk culture(s), diversity, flora, and simple human action, created in residency at NAH_R, in the Orobic Alps (Italy), for their 2019 research program: Grasses & pastures, imagining a regenerative economy of cheese.

Milk from the Val Taleggio, turned into cheeses infused with flowers from meadows —directly in the studio, with the help of various ancient milk cultures. 

At the end of the residency period, those edible artifacts were displayed as a performative installation, along with some home-cultured breads. They were tasted and shared with the community, in order for milk, flowers and bacterias to infuse within the people of this land.

The process of the Always the World project was based on community and circular economy. The tasting that took place in the village was a striking illustration of honnest food tightening bonds between people.

Always the world (cheesy title purposingly meant so) also is an essay and experimental trans-disciplinary publication about food, pastoralism, eating flowers and agency.

Chesses, breads, digital photography, performative installation, artist book
Sottochiesa, Val Taleggio (IT)