a transdisciplinary researcher, artist, designer.
Working with food, taste, nurture, images, design, text, cultures, fermentation, anthropology, language, philosophy, lands and soils — in a simple, embodied way.





Teaching fermentation means teaching about transformation and culture. It is a way to reskill people and to talk about agency. Through this practice, I am advocating for an artful life and bringing hands-on experiences to a great varieties of local communities, in a cultural and safe context.

The Micromondes fermentation worksop series is a form of community work. Various workshops were given in Reykjavík in November 2019, in partnership with the local Alliance Française and the French Embassy in Iceland, for their Culinary Residency. Vistied places included the Landakot International School, the Kopavogur Culinary School, the Matís Food-safety Labs, and the French Diplomatic Circle.

Teachings included discussions with schoolkids and teachers, drawing sessions, edicational prints and food tastings. Here are some images of a lactofermentation workshop at Matís Lab, a kids’ tasting and drawing workshop about friendly bacteria and results from a cultured butter workshop.

Fermented foods, workshops, prints,
Reykjavík (IS)